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They say wrinkles are a sign of character, but not everyone wants to have so much ‘character’ on show all of the time.

Especially if you’ve grown up in beautiful sun-drenched locations like the Gold Coast, whereby you’ve been playing in the sunny outdoors and squinting from glare since you were a child, wrinkles may have appeared earlier than they would in other regions.

While you aim to protect our skin from UV damage as much as possible, it may pay to look at the anti-wrinkle treatments that are available these days.

What are Wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the sign of muscle use. Every time you make a facial expression, you’re using facial muscles to do it. Every smile, raised eyebrow and frown uses a surprising number of muscles, and you have 43 of them working together in your face to use to express yourself.

Apparently, it takes less muscles to smile than to frown; but both activities leave wrinkles over time. Ageing and the environment have a great impact on the appearance of your skin. When it comes to ageing, there is the internal makeup of the dermal areas, as well as the external to consider.

Collagen is a vital part of the skin’s structure, giving it strength and substance. As you age, natural collagen production in the skin slows down, making the skin feel thinner. Elastin, as you’d guess, gives your skin elasticity. Again, with age, you will lose elastin in your body.

Can I Avoid Wrinkles?

If you avoid all facial expressions, UV rays and gravity you are likely to significantly reduce the aged appearance of your face but who wants to live like that? As skin is continually stretched by repeated muscle movement, creases will form over time. Think of folding the same piece of paper over and over again in the same place; it’s the same principle.

Fortunately, today there are techniques that work in combination with your own body, which can lessen the visual impact of wrinkles. They do this by slightly reducing the movement in your facial muscles. Only allow a trained expert to administer injectables for the face to achieve a more natural look.

Less movement in your facial muscles puts less of a strain on your collagen and elastin helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Where Will I See the Benefit?

The muscles we use most in expressing emotion are at the top part of our faces. This means the forehead and around the eyes. These areas are, of course, those that become the most heavily wrinkled, and where you will see the most benefit from anti-wrinkle treatments.

The treatment involves injecting purified proteins into the muscles around these areas, which stay in the muscle tissue and alter their reactions during times of emotion. Choose an expert practitioner so you don’t end up looking like a waxwork model. You will still feel as if you are smiling or frowning as usual, but you won’t be creasing your face as much.

This protein treatment stays within your muscles for up to four months. The proteins are naturally absorbed by your body, causing no damage or side effects. No surgery is involved and the process can be repeated as often as you like.

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