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Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

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Q: How and why do wrinkles form?
Many facial wrinkles occur when we use our muscles to form facial expressions. When we are young our skin springs back to normal after facial expressions, however with age and continued daily use of muscles forms static wrinkles. Static wrinkles are present at rest. This process occurs because natural substances such as collagen (the major structural protein in the skin) an

d elastin (the protein that causes tissue to stretch) decrease with age. Together with environmental factors like sunlight exposure, smoking, health and stress all contribute to creation of wrinkles.

Q: What is involved in an Anti-wrinkle treatment?
An Anti-wrinkle treatment consisits of injections of muscle relaxants which are natural, purified proteins that relax wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a rejuvenated appearance. Muscles relaxants are prescription only medicine and treatment is only available from a qualified medical practicioner. After muscle relaxants are administered to the treatment site the muscles begin to relax over the next 7-10 days and this gradually smoothes out the current lines and reduces new lines forming.

Q: Where can muscle relaxants treat?
Muscle relaxants are used to reduces lines and wrinkles that form in the upper face.
As we age, changes occur at different rates to our upper, mid and lower face. In the upper face ‘dynamic’ lines appear in the forehead and around the eyes when we smile and frown. Over time these lines begin to linger a little longer and become a little deeper when your face is at rest.

Q: How long do Anti-wrinkle treatments last?
The effect can last up to 4 months before lines slowly begin to return. If you have repeat Anti-wrinkle treatments the effect tends to last longer.

Q: What is the brand name of the muscle relaxant?
We are unable to advertise the brand name due to the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Our doctor uses the most widely recognised brands from Allergan and Galderma distributors.

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All muscle relaxants at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta are FDA and TGA approved and administered by Dr. Sanjay Mohindra M.B.B.S., M.D.