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Body sculpting is a term that conjures ideas of cosmetic surgery or months spent working out in the gym; either way, the prospect of body sculpting may sound daunting. As the name suggests, cool sculpting can be an effective way to achieve a sculpted silhouette if you contact the experts in non-surgical sculpting at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta.

How Does Sculpting Work?

Body sculpting, unlike bodybuilding, is a way of altering the shape of those stubborn areas of your body that store fat cells. These stubborn areas, usually around the hips, stomach, buttocks, thighs, upper arms and double chin are often resistant to diet and exercise no matter how hard you train and avoid high-calorie foods.

You may find that, once you have lost weight using these traditional methods, your body’s natural shape doesn’t look as firm or toned as you’d like. Cooltech Body sculpting can help slim down the appearance of these problem areas.

Other Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Methods

For those neck and chin areas that may be resistant to training or simply a sign of ageing there is Ultraformer III.

Ultraformer is a revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive skin-tightening therapy for the face and neck, which can lift the appearance of skin around these areas.

Ultraformer is designed to stimulate the body’s natural regenerative processes by using sophisticated ultrasound and requires no downtime.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Cooltech body sculpting is a way of non-surgical sculpting that works by Cryolipolysis, or fat freezing. This freezes fatty tissue, causing the cells within it to die.

These cells are then recycled by the body’s natural mechanisms and flushed away as toxins, causing no outward appearing damage or long-term side effects.

Cool body sculpting is becoming more and more recognised as a less invasive and painful way of removing areas of stubborn fat.

There are many benefits of cool body sculpting, from the short to the long-term. Its non-invasive technique means that the treatment is easy to fit in with your daily routine and doesn’t require any recovery time.

It is deceptively efficient, as you can spend an hour at our clinic then get on with your day.

Another benefit is that the fat cell removal is permanent. The cells die naturally and do not come back. Although we recommend, you follow a regular diet and exercise regimen to avoid gaining weight, which can then be redistributed to other areas throughout the body.

Cool sculpting is especially helpful if you are carrying fat from pregnancy, or maybe love handles or a little middle-aged weight gain, which can’t be shifted any other way.

As fat has a different density to other body structures, the specific areas to be frozen are easy to target. Our non-surgical sculpting machine is only operated by trained and licensed staff to ensure best results.

Cool Contact

Contact the team Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta on (07) 5599 5001 to discuss your ideal silhouette.

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    Hi, how much is it for coolsculpting on the chin? Thank you

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      Please call our clinic on 07 55995001 to organise a complimentary consultation

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