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Summer is the frequent subject of unrequited love. While we love to bathe in the balmy beaches of our beautiful coast, we are soon hit with the firm reality that our love comes at a scorching cost.
We spend the eerie months of winter lathering up products and adorning our skin routines to have our skin looking fresh, yet when summer comes fast approaching we lose all sense and regime.
Skin deterioration is most present during the harsh environmental conditions of summer, especially if you live in a highly outdoor culture like Queensland.
Ultra MD is our choice for ultimate skin care for the ultimate summer, significantly refining and improving skin texture and clarity. The products are specially made to combat the effects of our unrequited love – the Australian sun.
Ultra MD fights to reduce the concerns of ageing and pigmentation, brightening and overall improving your features. Products are made by Australians for Australians, who better to provide medical grade skin care than those who understands our outdoor lifestyle.
Pre-empt the bodies natural ageing process and delay the signs by strengthening your body with defensive works that secure and energise the skin to delay the common signs of ageing. Your skin is a protective covering that shields your body from harmful characters entering, why not strengthen and fortify the barrier with a skin care product thats right for you.
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