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Clear, radiant skin that naturally glows is a goal for many – thankfully, at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta, we have the perfect solution.

Uneven skin tone and pigmentation is a large concern for many, especially those of us who spend hours on the beach. A study out of the University of Vienna found that, whilst ignoring lines and wrinkles, pigmentation alone added up to 12 years to the perceived age of participant.

While there are a plethora of topical products available which claim to help restore a balanced complexion, nothing competes with the results of PicoGenesis treatments.

PicoGenesis is one of our favourite treatments to help restore the skin’s clarity and give you back an even skin tone, with no downtime! This non-invasive treatment works to revitalise the skin and treat even the most stubborn of pigmentation, with dramatic results seen in as little as 3 short treatments.

The break-through technology behind PicoGenesis treatments works to penetrate the skin, without damaging the surface, and break up the unwanted pigment. These ultra-short laser wavelengths deliver a photo-mechanical shockwave to shatter the pigment while also stimulating the remodeling of the upper layers of the skin.

The best part of our PicoGenesis treatments is the lack of downtime. Because the treatment is non-thermal, and therefore doesn’t damage the skin’s surface, you can walk out of the clinic with virtually no downtime. We always recommend avoiding the sun post-treatment and protecting your skin with your favourite Ultraceuticals SPF.

Plus! For those with darker skin tones, or those with a tan, PicoGenesis works well on virtually all skin tones and types – something previously unheard of.


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