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The rage for tattoos has never been greater in modern culture.

Young adults decorate almost every portion of their bodies with elaborate ink work. Parents define their familial love with their children’s names or initials tattooed across their hearts and lovers inscribe their partners’ autographs with “love you forever” messages, while some respect their ancestral heritage through tribal tattoos.

However, along with the increase in tattoos comes the rise ‘ink buyers remorse’. Many of the Gold Coast’s inked are starting to look at laser tattoo removal.

Poor design choices, bad breakups or simply a change of mind can all contribute to people wanting to erase their ink. However, the leading reasons for people wanting to remove their tattoos are spontaneous decisions, stigmas related to having the tattoo, decreased self-esteem and body image by ageing or putting on weight, being employed in a new job or career and an issue with not being able to hide tattoos under certain clothing. Luckily, laser can be applied to tattoos on all areas of the body, including the face.

Skin Ageing Will Affect Tattoo Longevity

Tattoo work as an art form, has been made popular with everything from elaborate dragon designs and creative Celtic wreaths to small personal messages and innuendos in Chinese characters.

The issue with such intricate ink work is while it’s injected into the skin in order to last forever, skin eventually ages and cell renewal means the tattoo will lose its structure. Many of the outlines eventually bleed and clump together in a way that interferes with the look of the tattoo.

Modern tattoos include a much larger range of colours than the original blue ink designs of yesteryear. The complex designs have influenced the ink particle sizes and formations, making tattoo removal in the modern cosmetic clinic a considerably challenging task. The ink is dispersed in the body as granules and over time these granules form bundles that can change shape as they age.

Improved Laser Tattoo Removal Is Now Seeing Better Results

For effective laser tattoo removal, multiple wavelengths are delivered at high power by a combination of Pico and Nanosecond Pulses to ensure greater effectiveness. The laser targets the colour and depth of the ink to help reduce the overall image and depending on the skin type and size of the tattoo, optimal results are visible in as little as four to five treatments.

The Picosecond Pulse is currently the only laser that uses non-thermal photomechanical energy and wavelengths to destroy the ink cells, while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. This type of tattoo removal can be applied to all skin types, tattoo colours and tattoos of all ages. The large ink cells are shattered into progressively smaller cells until the body’s natural cleansing system removes them as a waste product.

Your laser tattoo removal technician will be able to give you an expected timeframe before you start to see real results on your skin, while it is recommended you wait 6-8 weeks between visits.

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