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Tear Troughs

Tear Troughs

tear troughs

  • Dermal fillers are used under the eye area to create a refresh and youthful appearance

  • The results are immediate

  • Injections are a safe and effective means of reducing bags under the eye

Tear Troughs, Bags and Dark Circles

As we get older dark circles and hollowing of the eye area can occur. This can create a sunken look and ages the face. A simple yet effective treatment is the treating of this area with dermal fillers. It is a non-surgical, less invasive means of treating this problem area and can make a dramatic difference to the face. Treatment will leave you looking younger and appearing less tired.

Treatment Procedure

Treatment always starts with a consultation,  This will help to assess and determine where treatment is best suited for you.

What to Expect

After treatment you can go back to normal activities.

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All muscle relaxants at Cosmetic Clinic Coolangatta are FDA and TGA approved and administered by Dr. Sanjay Mohindra M.B.B.S., M.D.