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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

How soon will I see results?
Optimal results can be seen in as few as 4 or 5 treatments, and sometime less, with minimum 28 days between treatments. Your practitioner will be able to give you a clear idea at the time of your consultation.

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 What areas can be treated?
We can treat all areas of the body.

 What are tattoos?
Ink particles in ‘fresh’ tattoos are dispersed as fine granules in the dermis. These granules form bundles of varying sized granules and in varying depths as the tattoo ages.

How does Pico Second Pulses work?
This is the only laser of its kind that uses non-thermal, photo-mechanical energy to shatter the ink cells while protecting the surrounding tissue, in energy and wavelengths that no other laser can for a wide range of skin types.  Because we have both Nano and Pico technology we shatter large cells into progressively smaller cells until the body’s natural cleansing system can remove them.

*individual results may vary.

Comprised of a diverse range of colors and particle sizes, removal of tattoos represents a considerable challenge. Ink particles come in many different sizes and formations, and tattoos come in a variety of colors. For effective treatments, multiple wavelengths delivered at high power, and the ability to target and treat at depth are critical

• All tattoo colours
• All tattoo ages
• All skin types
• Faster clearance than traditional Nano laser removal


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